1954 – 2023

Since arriving in the UK in February 1971 and moving residence over 20 times, many certificates have been lost or misplaced. The images underneath will help you know my better part.

Mengni (India) School Leaving 1954

High School, Uganda 1962

Junior Secondary Uganda 1961

Malbari & Sons Import Export Uganda 1963

LCC Book-Keeping 1964

Cubmaster, Rowallen Camp 1964

UoL GCE Principles of Accounts Jan 1972

AEB GCE A Level Accounting Jun 1972

AEB GCE O Level Economics Nov 1972

AIG Group Presidents Club Nov 1972

Udemy VT Plus Accounts 20 Aug 21

Udemy Bookkeeping Fundamentals 27 Aug 2021

Udemy Advanced Corporate Finance 27 Aug 2021

Udemy Financial Statements 22 Aug 21

Udemy Intro to Accounts & Finance 25 Aug 21

The Town Hall Marylbone - The British Naturalisation Nov 2023

After 52 years in the UK, I opted for British naturalisation for various reasons. Firstly, the family is in the UK. Secondly, the chance of my returning to India is zero. Thirdly, entering into the export business in 2024, my travelling to Europe is more convenient with a British passport than an Indian passport. I regarded my country of birth as No. 1 and the country where I was brought up, Uganda, as No. 2. And the country I live in, the UK, as No. 3. We are victims of circumstances. The UK has given me the most, and I have contributed a lot to the UK. So, the final choice was correct – the British Naturalisation!

The UK Naturalisation